Sample Pack Contest XVIII

What is Sample Pack Contest?

Sample Pack Contest is a series of original music-writing contests that began in 2005, originally on VGMusic's forums and now on its own dedicated Discord server.

Users are first asked to submit sound samples, which can be anything ranging from video game noises to famous music clips to the very sounds recorded using your own mic. Then, participants create tracks using only the samples from this pack. In the end, all music is listened to and voted on to determine placing and the eventual winner.

Sample Pack Contest XVIII has concluded!!!

Congratulations to petet for 1st place with 91.29 points with his incredible track Entropy Index!!

You can check out the results in one of two places:
SPCXVIII Final Results Webpage
SPCXVIII Final Results Spreadsheet

The link to the Bandcamp album will be posted shortly.

Thank you to everyone for another fantastic round of music!

I am new. How does SPC work? (SPC Outline)
  • Phase 1: The community is asked to submit samples - short sound clips of basically anything. Typically this phase is about a week long.
  • Phase 2: With the newly assembled and released sample pack, participants make as much music as they want using only the samples as their sound sources. (Effects, sample manipulation etc are welcome, though shortlooping/chiplooping is discouraged.) Typically this phase is about two months long.
  • Phase 3: Anyone who wishes to vote ranks all the entries (which remain anonymous until results) using a tool on this website, with optional space for comments as well. Typically this phase is about two weeks long, with results posted immediately thereafter!
  • Note that you can participate in any phases of SPC that you please. For example, you can choose to only send in samples, or only vote, etc.

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